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Our objective is simply to spread the Words of God, and not to spread the religion. If we are spreading God's Word, it means we are spreading the relationship with God. How to spread God's word?

Spread God's word to all people of the planet to introduce Gods children to their Father. We can spread the Word of the Lord in many ways. It is important to tell people in your home, in your neighborhood, in your city, in your state, and in your county about the miraculous and amazing things God does for us. You can spread God's Word by taking interested people who may be your friends, relatives, neighbors or anyone who is in a miserable life condition to church, and starting youth groups in your community. You can even spread God's word to diseased people or people attacked by evil spirit to have them relieved from their problem. You can teach God's word to non-believers in many other ways, but with patience and uncomplaining manner. You should pay attention to understand God's word, and then spread it to others. If we lead a person to the wrong path, or tell them something that isn't true, then what good have we done?

Spread God's word carefully in a non-violent manner, bearing in mind that you are not spreading religion. Spread the Word of God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to every corner of the globe. "If you have the truth of God, you have a solemn responsibility to spread that truth in whatever way God gives you opportunity, even as someone who has the cure for a life-threatening disease has the moral responsibility to spread that cure.

When it comes how to spread God's word? - There are many ways. But why there is a need to spread God's word? Most people believe in God. We need to spread the Word of God to go the eternal life. Every member of the globe should be introduced to the words of God, The Bible is God's word - his carefully recorded message to you. God enlighten you with life-saving and life-changing words. He wants you to understand what you read. Read God's word; think about it; lead your life accordingly and trust that God will speak to you – these are your life-saving and life-changing ways. Once you notice a good change in your life, won’t it be nice if you spread the secrets to other known or unknown people in the world. By doing so, you will introduce happiness in other's life. So, spreading God's word means you are doing something good for others. This is one way for your eternal life in heaven. Spread God's word because God wants us to spread his love over humanity and throughout the cosmos. By doing so, we may see God's presence and thus have the courage to meet him and make his love, and finally the peaceful true life present on our earth.

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